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Scheduling Service Startup


Our goal is to take the least amount of time possible with start-up so we can begin making your appointment calls sooner. 

Steps to take

Our Start-up Process

The information we request provides us with the basic information we need to make professional efficient phone calls on your behalf. Start-up steps include:

Recently, I went through a job change after working with The Appointment Biz for three years. Not only were they able to come with me, but made my transition to the new firm easy and seamless.
Throughout my career, working with The Appointment Biz has allowed me to spend my time working in my territory with the confidence that my schedule will be filled.

Regional Vice President, CIMC, American Century Investments


Email #1: Paperwork

We will send you an email with our contract and a payment form. After we receive a fax of the signature page and your payment information we will send email #2.

Email #2: Contact Data

Directions for providing information on your team, territory and how to submit your data file, calendar and rotation.

Phone Call

A detailed start-up phone call with your scheduling partner to go over the information gathered in the previous steps.

Ongoing Interaction

We make outbound calls, fill your schedule and provide feedback about our calls. You communicate back to your scheduler the value of meetings, any changes to your travel blocking or schedule, and client updates.



Direct communication with your scheduler fine tunes the processes you need to be successful

An overview of The Appointment Biz services:


Territory Management

• Using your contact data we will zone your territory for productive travel.

• Isolate the most productive clients in a zone.

• Isolate clients on your “hit” list.

• Make travel decisions driven by sales performance and goals.

• Map out annual travel schedule as the new year approaches.



• Use results from territory management to build travel and meeting schedules.

• Make appointment phone calls and manage calendar.

• Make confirmation calls.

• Send reminder fax.

• Send marketing material(s).


Post-meeting correspondence

• Thank you letters

• Marketing mailings

• Client correspondence

• Holiday cards

Seminar planning

• Assist with any aspect of event planning that requires administrative assistance.

• Call for frequent progress reports.

• Make follow-up assessment call to broker.

• Assist with report filing, track expense against reimbursement.


Production thank you gifts

• We work with a variety of corporate gift giving services.


Computer training and support

• Learn how to use technology to stay organized and productive.

Planning for Success

How can I prepare?

Have your rotation and loops in order. The more information your scheduler has about your travel plans, the more successful we can be in securing forward scheduling.

It helps if the contact list is ranked. The wholesaler or the internal should handle all cold calls and prospecting.

Remember to touch base with your scheduler when you have a bit of windshield or airport time. A quick phone call to review the calendar and efficacy of activity will help your scheduler stay productive. We need your feedback to improve meeting quality.

We are a team and interactive scheduling leads to a full calendar. You can easily secure future meetings as you finish an appointment, while your internal may add activity as a result of prospecting calls.

Start thinking about your schedulers role on your team. Stay in communication with your scheduler about changes to your calendar, FA relationships, goals, rotation, vacations, and all other business that may impact your schedule.

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